Who has time for monthly period cramps? Whether you’re tackling the day-to-day or embarking on one of life’s great adventures, when cramps and PMS symptoms strike, you need relief fast. 

Our GoPatch Menstrual Cramps formula provides relief for PMS cramps and period cramps. Simply place the patch over your navel, and let it stimulate your body's natural healing response to relieve these uncomfortable and disruptive symptoms. GoPatch Menstrual Cramps provides safe and natural relief for cramps associated with the menstrual period*.

Our product is safe to use while taking other medications and the active ingredients produce absolutely no side effects, so you can now un-cramp your style and get back to celebrating Life.  For best results apply GoPatch immediately when you sense menstrual discomfort or before if you know it will start within an hour. GoPatch can also be applied after menstrual discomfort has begun. 

Uses: Relief of symptoms of period cramps, PMS symptoms and menstrual discomfort.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. 
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I was a skepic, GoPatch made me a believer!

My period has always been a nightmare, cystic ovaries and hormone imbalances made monthly suffering a sure thing. I thought I had tried everything, and had found little in the way of relief until a friend suggested GoPatch. I had my doubts but was tired of popping 6-8 pills a day and being unable to function during my period, all natural, no side effects, I had nothing to lose. Within fifteen minutes of putting on GoPatch, my cramps were gone, I was amazed. This is my fifth cycle using GoPatch and I am still amazed. This product has truly changed my life for the better!

Thanks from Shelton's

What a great product! We love the GoPatches. Customers have come back to purchase these items many times. They rave about the effectiveness of your products. At least once if not twice a week we've had new people come into the store looking for GoPatches based on the testimonials of their friends. Not only are they great products but we've had a great experience with you, Nicole. We would recommend GoPatches to any of your potential retailers. Not only are they supporting clean safe products that work, they're also supporting an awesome local vendor.

no more pain medication!

I've always had to pop 2-4 Aleve per day during the first couple of days of my period. When I used GoPatch, it was the first time since I began menstruating that I have been able to go through my entire period without using any pain medication for cramps! This has represented a miraculous improvement in my quality of life during that time of the month.

zero cramps

I have been using GoPatch for menstrual cramps and oh wow! So amazing. I knew they worked great from the stories I had heard, but experiencing it first hand was shocking at seeing just how well they work! I can't take any over the counter medication for cramps so I have been searching for a drug-free product with no gross side effects. I had such extreme cramping I was crying on the floor in the fetal position and after I slapped gopatch on (I was waiting for some relief didn't expect full relief) within 15-20 minutes I had ZERO cramps! Totally gone! I slept like a baby; I usually don't sleep well on my period. I'm thankful for your product! Great work gopatch!

fast cramp relief!

I recently used GoPatch menstrual cramps. I placed the patch over my belly button, as instructed and within 15-20 minutes I noticed that my cramps were gone! This was much faster than the ibuprofen that I normally would take to help with cramps.

Great Product

My partner's 16 year daughter has horrible cramps to the point of being physically ill. I bought her these patches and they have been amazing! They even work with a belly button piercing :) Thanks for such a wonderful product

Safe for school :) Thanks GoPatch

During my period I usually have to take 2-3 ibuprofen a day to stop my cramps, but one Saturday I was in so much pain I almost went to the doctor. I tried GoPatch & within 20 minutes I could feel my cramps getting better & 20 minutes more, they were gone! I kept GoPatch on for the rest of the day without further complications. I love this patch because it's all natural. I can use it at school where pain relieving pills aren't allowed. I will be sure to keep GoPatch in my backpack for school.

Stock piling gopatch

I was so surprised with how well GoPatch worked. I have horrible cramps at the onset of my cycle and for more than 10 years have taken three Aleve at the sign of monthly bleeding. If I don't take the medication prior to the cramping, it is awful!! I mean, bed ridden bad. So I have become a pro at taking the Aleve at the first sign of my cycle. When I tried GoPatch, I was a little bit skeptical. But, I wanted to give it a shot. I put it on at the first sign of my cycle, prior to any cramping and it worked! Not only was there no cramping, it was better than using the over the counter meds. I mean, there was NO cramping. I couldn't believe it. And, it was easy. Just stick it on and you're good to go. I would definitely use GoPatch for menstrual cramps again and again and again. I think I might need to stock pile these...