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Unbelievable life saver for post holiday party overindulgence. I’m 50 and my days of heavy partying are over, that said I got carried away this weekend. My wife bought these for a sailing trip. She swears by Gopatch since it kept her from puking while heading out of the SF bay, which is brutal, and nothing like Dramamine has ever helped. We contacted the company to thank them. They informed us of all the uses, one of which was hangover. I asked them why it isn’t on the web site and apparently a new site is coming. I never leave reviews, however, seriously-HANGOVER was gone!!! Where were you when I was in college Gopatch!

– J.R. Steel


My husband, son and I all suffer from different forms of motion sickness. My son gets it the worst in the car and my husband and I get it the worst on planes and boats. Certainly made travel difficult in the past, until we discovered GoPatch! This patch is so easy to use and there are no scary drug interactions or side effects. I felt no anxiety about using it on my young son. And the amazing thing is it last for hours… motion sickness or nausea so we are able to enjoy our vacations and travels without hesitation. We will never go back to the pills or bracelets. GoPatch is now our go too for motion sickness or nausea!!!

– Vicki


My aunt is going through chemo, suffering miserably with nausea and a laundry list of other problems from all the drugs. So grateful for GoPatch! She can’t handle any more medication. This has no drugs and no disgusting side effects like everything else she has to take. One patch gives her 24 hours of relief! Amazing product.

– Angie Messina


Thank you GoPatch you have changed my life! My MD who is also trained in integrative medicine recommended I try Go Patch for the nausea that I get when my anxiety kicks in; it is so horrible I am stuck with so much discomfort and nothing works. I have a very sensitive stomach and try everything I can to not put drugs in my system. GoPatch worked so well to calm my nausea and it even calms my anxiety!!! I am so happy to have found this product. I love that it is all natural, so awesome.

– Anjna Bahda


I am a hiker and I love to bring my Husky, Jack, with me. Jack loves the hike but can’t get through the trip without throwing up. I’m always having to hold back food and water and it just never seems fair because he still usually gets sick. My neighbor uses GoPatch for her motion sickness so I thought it couldn’t hurt to try. Don’t get me wrong, it was a pain in the as* to figure out how to apply it, actually had to cut hair off his stomach. WORTH IT!!! Jack just lays down, no drool, no puke and doesn’t even bite at his paws. I seriously am amazed the this product.

– Charles Smit


I have experienced increasingly bad menstrual cramps over the last three years. I am an herbalist, and I work at an integrative pharmacy. I have tried every herb, and supplement, on the market, with minimal success. When using the ‘Go Patch’ I am able to function and be productive, with little or no cramping. It’s convenient and easy to use, plus an effective way to minimize menstrual cramps.

– Rebekah Peterman, Cihom, Herbalist


I bought this product for my granddaughter. She suffers so much every month and misses 1-2 days of middle school. Advil and midol, which she can’t bring to school anyways, don’t help her. When I found this product I honestly didn’t have much hope however we tried everything else so I figured why not give it a try. Within minutes of her cramps starting, which keep her curled up in bed for a day or two, we put this patch on her and she was out the door to school because her cramps were totally gone! She has used it for the past 3 months and has the same experience every month, cramps gone in minutes and no more absences from school. Wish I had Gopatch when I was young. Thank you for making my granddaughters suffering stop.

– Jane Mongoletz


GoPatch where were you when I was 12 and got my first period?!?!? I’m 50, have toooo sensitive a stomach for advil/midol and all that other medication junk that destroys your liver and insides, so i struggle through EVERY MONTH-for almost 40 years now!! I have used it now for 4 months. Unbelievable, cramps GONE. My partner wants me to thank you, apparently I’m nicer now that my cramps are gone 🙂 thanks from both of us.

– Rosie R.


As a sufferer of debilitating menstrual cramps that left me incapacitated for days at a time, I was thrilled to have discovered GoPatch. Not only does each patch offer almost immediate relief from waves of painful cramps, but also lightens the flow of my period. This is no small feat; I have fibroids, and had been offered a range of unpleasant surgical techniques to reduce them. With GoPatch, the heavy flow that I had come to dread was reduced to manageable levels. It has freed me from invasive surgery AND has enabled me to rejoin the world of the functioning. Thanks be to GoPatch!!! ps I have found that GoPatch is effective wherever I place it, and with each use, I rotate its placement. Bikini time, here I come!

– Dorian


This is my go to product for cramps and heavy bleeding. I use it for my acupuncture patients as well. I really like topical delivery of medicine because it spares the digestive tract which is sensitive for a lot of people in our patient population. This patch is really convenient and works fast. I cannot recommend it highly enough!

– Lisa Langlands


I’ve had intense cramps since my first period. I’ve used so much Advil, Midol, Tylenol, and heatings pads to make my periods more bearable. I didn’t like relying on the medication so much but it was the only thing that helped. Then I tried GoPatch and within 10 minutes of applying the patch my cramps changed. They became more manageable on heavy days and were completely nonexistent after day 3 of my period. My cramps can be really unbearable and stop me from doing everyday things because all I can do is lay down. When I use GoPatch I had that freedom to exercise, focus on my classes, relax, and really do just about anything that my cramps got in the way of. I would definitely recommend giving GoPatch a try, especially as an alternative to products like Advil and Midol.

– Dejah

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