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GoPatch Motion Sickness Patch

GoPatch Motion Sickness
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GoPatch Stress & Anxiety patch

GoPatch Stress & Anxiety
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GoPatch for Hangovers

GoPatch Hangovers
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GoPatch Nausea Patch

GoPatch Nausea
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GoPatch for Vertigo

GoPatch Vertigo
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GoPatch for Nausea & Motion Sickness for Pets

GoPatch Pets
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GoPatch Menstrual Cramps

GoPatch Menstrual Cramps
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I am a hiker and I love to bring my Husky, Jack, with me. Jack loves the hike but can’t get through the trip without throwing up. I’m always having to hold back food and water and it just never seems fair because he still usually gets sick. My neighbor uses GoPatch for her motion sickness so I thought it couldn’t hurt to try. Don’t get me wrong, it was a pain in the as* to figure out how to apply it, actually had to cut hair off his stomach. WORTH IT!!! Jack just lays down, no drool, no puke and doesn’t even bite at his paws. I seriously am amazed the this product.

– Charles Smit


Unbelievable life saver for post holiday party overindulgence. I’m 50 and my days of heavy partying are over, that said I got carried away this weekend. My wife bought these for a sailing trip. She swears by Gopatch since it kept her from puking while heading out of the SF bay, which is brutal, and nothing like dramamine has ever helped. We contacted the company to thank them. They informed us of all the uses, one of which was hangover. I asked them why it isn’t on the web site and apparently a new site is coming. I never leave reviews, however, seriously-HANGOVER was gone!!! Where were you when I was in college Gopatch!

– J.R. Steel


I have experienced increasingly bad menstrual cramps over the last three years. I am an herbalist, and I work at an integrative pharmacy. I have tried every herb, and supplement, on the market, with minimal success. When using the ‘Go Patch’ I am able to function and be productive, with little or no cramping. It’s convenient and easy to use, plus an effective way to minimize menstrual cramps.

– Rebekah Peterman, Cihom, Herbalist


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