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Woman Makes Drug-free Patches That Treat Nausea, Cramps, Vertigo, Hangovers – And Even Car Sick Pets

By Good News Network – Sep 11, 2018

Ever since she was 8 years old, and both her parents were hospitalized with undiagnosable illnesses, Nicole Burdock has aspired to become a “good doctor.” Drawn to holistic methods of healing, she spent years studying naturopathic medicine and integrative health. Now, after treating hundreds of patients, she may have found a way to become a “good doctor” to millions.

She invented what is believed to be “the world’s first homeopathic patch” which is successfully relieving and preventing nausea in people suffering from motion sickness, chemotherapy, or hangovers—as well as other debilitating symptoms, including vertigo and menstrual period cramps. The two drug-free products, which have no known side effects, are regulated by the FDA and are safe for kids over 4-years-old. It even works on pets.

One customer reported that their 140-pound Great Dane loved to go hiking, but would inevitably get terribly carsick on the way to the trail. When they applied the product, called GoPatch, the huge dog stayed relaxed in the backseat for the first time ever.

The idea for GoPatch—which is formulated with micro-doses of diluted essences from plants, minerals, and natural ingredients—came to Nicole while she was on a cruise ship in the Mexican Riviera. She was gifted the trip to celebrate having completed her California State board exam to become a licensed acupuncturist. She noticed families with children onboard getting seasick.

“My head was full of information from my studies and I watched them getting sick—seeing them all holding their stomachs—and I said to my friend I have an idea for motion sickness.”

The Secret is in the Stomach

With a Masters in Oriental Medicine, the 30-year-old knew one thing at that moment: the delivery point for a remedy would be the navel–a powerful acupuncture point in Oriental medicine.

“The navel was really the magic for me,” she told Good News Network, pointing out that it was the crucial delivery point where the umbilical cord delivers nutrients to sustain life in the womb.

She went home and sat down with duct tape and bandages at her kitchen table in Santa Monica, California, envisioning a patch that would be worn over the belly button. She eventually discarded the choice of using herbs or essential oils in favor of the more sustainable method of using homeopathy.

Whatever the method, it apparently works. And her company, GoPatch, offers a money-back guarantee if it doesn’t work. To date, with over a thousand packages sold, no one has ever returned a product—and GoPatch’s testimonials speak loudly that there is something at work here.

The company especially gets rave reviews from seafaring captains and sailing schools. Even a competitor, who manufactures a natural remedy made of ginger (which is not in GoPatch), admitted that “everyone knows nothing stops seasickness after it has begun.” But when he gave two passengers the patch who were sailing with him out of Berkeley, they both recovered within 20 minutes.

The Santa Barbara Sailing Center speaks highly of the patch’s effectiveness, and is GoPatch’s top seller. We talked with Manager Ian Fitzgerald who sails with his kids, but his wife had always stayed home because she got so nauseous, and never liked the side effects of using pharmaceuticals. “We threw GoPatch on her belly button, and she didn’t get sick, at all—now we can sail as a family.” Kayla Horowitz, who works at the front desk used it once when she had a hangover and claims: “It worked really well, and it works right away so you don’t have to wait.”

A Patch to Relieve Cramps

While Nicole was introducing the product into select stores locally, her friend Jack kept “bugging” her for months to make a patch for women with cramps. She finally relented and came up with a formula that includes homeopathic Camomile, magnesium, and more.

She didn’t know how she would test it, because she hadn’t had cramps in years—but lo, and behold, life sent her the remedy for that problem, too.

“I’ll be danged!” she recalled. “Out of nowhere I get cramps, and I let myself get white-knuckled in bed, then put the patch on my belly and set a timer… Within 15 minutes I relaxed and fell asleep.”

One of her distributors, Health First Pharmacy in Windsor, California, reported that a woman came into the store complaining that she had tried everything for her granddaughter’s cramps, so the owners showed her the GoPatch product. The grandmother later reported that when the young girl was writhing in pain on the bathroom floor and the patch was applied, she was able to get up and go to school. Guess who returned to the store and bought all the product off the shelf?

Nicole tearfully told GNN about one of the most poignant moments of her sometimes rough entrepreneurial journey. She got a note from a woman whose doctors had run out of ideas about what to do for her debilitating cramps. They were preparing to give her a hysterectomy until she discovered GoPatch could relieve the pain and, as Nicole phrased it, “she got to keep her lady parts.”

The product, which was granted a U.S. patent, contains no known allergens, and is free of corn, soy, wheat, and yeast. It is latex-free with an adhesive that can secure the patch discreetly under the clothes for up to twelve hours and is waterproof.

You can read ingredient labels at, which include warnings for pregnant or nursing mothers (and kids under the age of 4) to consult a doctor before use.

Homeopathy is a controversial topic in the medical community, although many millions of patients use the treatments worldwide. A 2015 study by Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council concluded there is no reliable evidence so far that homeopathy is effective. Science can’t explain how a product containing such diluted amounts of active ingredients can have any effect, but it remains the second largest system of medicine in the world.

I met Nicole at a recent dinner party, and became super excited to write an article about her.

Nicole is just grateful she gets to touch more people’s lives with GoPatch, than she ever could with just her two hands.

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  • lois

    i dont understand how 6 patches can be used for 3 months. can they be reapplied or?

  • GoPatch®

    Hello Lois, Thank you for connecting with us. We aren’t quite understanding your question. How quickly you go through our patches is determined by how frequently you use them. If you have more questions please email our customer service department directly at: or feel free to call us at: 707-733-3011 and we would be happy to assist you further.

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