GoPatch Nausea (5 Pack)



GoPatch Nausea patch is a homeopathic blend of natural ingredients to relieve symptoms of nausea from over-eating, medications and chemotherapy. Simply place this round patch over your navel to stimulate your body’s natural healing response and relieve your symptoms fast.


GoPatch Nausea Patch

GoPatch Nausea Patch is the all-natural solution to relieve symptoms of nausea. GoPatch helps relieve your symptoms of nausea fast. Our blend of natural ingredients is safe for all ages, including children.

GoPatch is very safe to use while taking other medications. In addition to providing fast relief from medication induced nausea, it also works on over eating, as well as nausea from chemotherapy.

GoPatch can be used for a variety of conditions such as vertigo, anxiety as well as motion sickness.

Made in the USA and Registered with the FDA

GoPatch is made in the USA in an OTC licensed facility, and is registered with the FDA. You can feel safe and confident when you use our product.

Our ingredients are a proprietary blend of homeopathic mineral and plant based substances. When applied over the navel, a common acupuncture point, it starts to work in under 15 minutes. Apply GoPatch and stop feeling nauseous fast!

When do I Apply GoPatch?

For the best results simply apply GoPatch just before you start to feel nauseous. GoPatch will relieve your symptoms fast, even after you start to feel sick.

Simply place this discreet, round patch over your navel to stimulate your body’s natural healing response to relieve symptoms. When removing GoPatch, we recommend doing so in the shower. Just peel it back onto itself, as opposed to ripping it off.

Find out for yourself why hundreds of people around the world are raving about this natural, homeopathic remedy to nausea.

Try GoPatch today with our worry free money back guarantee. You’ll see why many women have given 5 star reviews about this product.

Lightweight, discreet and easy to use – GoPatch is for you!


  • Nausea and dizziness
  • Nausea caused from chemotherapy
  • Nausea from over eating
  • Medication induced nausea

GoPatch can be used even after symptoms have started for fast acting relief.

GoPatch is:

  • Side Effect Free
  • Kid Safe
  • Water Resistant
  • Latex Free
  • Discreet
  • Easy to carry and use
GoPatch Nausea Patch
* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA
Homeopathic remedies are OTC pharmaceutical drugs and manufactured in OTC licensed facility.
GoPatch products are registered with the FDA and have an NDC code.
How do GoPatch for Nausea patches work?

GoPatch for Nausea is an OTC topical patch (a patch you put on your skin). Our proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients is absorbed through the skin and into the blood vessels and then into the bloodstream.

The patch is best placed over the navel where our homeopathic ingredients can permeate your skin and start to work fast.

Are there any side effects?

There are no known side effects when you use GoPatch for Nausea. We use only all-natural homeopathic ingredients so you can feel safe using our product. Our product is the best over the counter relief for nausea on the market today.

Is GoPatch a “miracle drug”?

No, GoPatch is not a “miracle drug”, in fact it’s completely drug free. It’s a patented formula of homeopathic ingredients that helps to heal your body without harsh medications and no side effects. It stops you from feeling nauseous fast, whether from overeating, medications or chemotherapy.

Lightweight, discreet and easy to use – GoPatch for Nausea patches are for you!

GoPatch for Nausea

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × .01 in

10 reviews for GoPatch Nausea (5 Pack)

  1. Diane L Barnes

    I have suffered from back pain and sciatic pain and tingling after a fall two years ago. I saw the gopatch on GNN and when i started reading the reviews, I thought I’d give it a shot. People had mentioned that other pains they’d suffered from had miraculously gone away. I decided to wear the gopatch. I am a medical professional, and have been using topical creams for the past 2 years. After 3 (yes, THREE) days I have no more back pain, sacral pain, nor do I have sciatic pain! I attest this to be the truth and wore the patch for just a couple days longer after the pain went away. And after 2 weeks, I still am pain free. Pain free without wearing any additional patches. Thank YOU GOPATCH!!!

  2. Clayton B (verified owner)


    I recently had an emergency surgery to remove my appendix. The surgery went well but the combination of anesthesia and antibiotics left me nauseous and unable to keep food down. My mom suggested I try GoPatch, my surgeon looked over the package and said it wouldn’t hurt anything to try it. Within thirty minutes of using GoPatch (I was not able to put it over my navel due to my incision, I wore it on the left side of my stomach) I ate my first meal post surgery, and felt better than I had in days. Thanks GoPatch for a safe and easy way to stop vomiting.

  3. Arturo Pureco (verified owner)


    My mom has been using GoPatch weekly after chemotherapy; what a lifesaver this product is. Initially she was given pills for the nausea which were a disaster. They gave her so much acid reflux and created so much pain in her weak state it was horrible to watch. She was afraid to try any other medications after that and just went without eating, not good. Before GoPatch motion sickness patches she couldn’t even smell food the day after chemo without throwing up. We couldn’t get her to eat anything for a day, sometimes 2. Now, day after chemo she wakes up and puts on her motion sickness GoPatch and within a few hours is able to start eating!! For those of you who have family members striving to keep up strength and nourishment during chemo…get GoPatch. We thank you for your natural solution when more drugs are the last thing we need to put in my mom’s sensitive system.

  4. CAK (verified owner)

    Nausea relief after major car accident
    I was involved in a car accident where another driver totaled my car (I am thankful that I was in a Lexus).
    After the accident I noticed that I had bruises on my stomach from the seat belt and had nausea. I put on the GoPatch and found relief. For about 5 days continued to put on new GoPatch about twice a day. If I did not put on the patch right after I took off one I would experience nausea in about 1 hour which reminded me to put on another patch. Because of GoPatch I could be more active after the crash

  5. Jeannie Lella (verified owner)


    Recently I had mouth surgery for which I was prescribed pain medication. As usual after taking pain medication for a few days I started to experience discomfort from nausea. A friend suggested that I try a GoPatch. As soon as I attached GoPatch the nausea went away and didn’t return. It was amazing! Because I suffer from motion sickness the patch also helped to make my cruise to the Caribbean last December that much more enjoyable and without the usual side effects of over-the-counter motion sickness pills. I hope to never be without a GoPatch.

  6. Claire Miller (verified owner)


    Thanks for coming up with this wonderful product!
    My husband used it when he was nauseous, from chemo, to a great success!
    He has since passed away, but thanks to you, had times of “relief”!

  7. Margaret (verified owner)


    GoPatch gives me significant relief for nausea associated with migraines. It’s the only treatment that I’ve found helpful for this!

  8. Cheri (verified owner)


    I bought this product for my friend who is having chemo treatments. She does get drugs with the chemo treatments to help with nausea but she was still experiencing some nausea. After applying GoPatch her nausea went away and she felt like eating. She kept telling me “this is the most I have recently eaten”. Thank you GoPatch for helping my friend.

  9. Anita Kratka (verified owner)


    I use GoPatch for nausea – flu or upset stomach and it is amazing.

  10. Angie Messina (verified owner)


    My aunt is going through chemo, suffering miserably with nausea and a laundry list of other problems from all the drugs. So grateful for GoPatch! She can’t handle any more medication. This has no drugs and no disgusting side effects like everything else she has to take. One patch gives her 24 hours of relief, for 6 bucks! Amazing product.

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