Where can I buy GoPatch patches?


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Andy's Produce Market, Sebastopol, CA

Community Market, Sebastopol, CA

Health First, Windsor, CA

OCSC Sailing School Store, Berkeley, CA

Rejuvenation & Well-Being Clinic, Cotati, CA

San Francisco Sailing Company, San Francisco, CA

SEALS Watersports, Santa Rosa, CA

Shelton's Natural Foods Market, Healdsburg, CA

Wendy Thayer Acupuncture Clinic, Santa Rosa, CA

West Marin Pharmacy, Point Reyes Station, CA

Workshop Craft Hairdressing, Santa Rosa, CA

How do GoPatch patches differ from other over the counter medications to treat motion sickness and menstrual cramps?


Our patches are free of chemical active ingredients. The active ingredients are natural, therefore the active ingredients are FREE of side-effects and have no known contra-indications.

Drowsiness will NOT occur when you apply our patches, unlike many over the counter remedies for motion sickness. You will NOT feel spacey.

There are no harmful affects on the liver when you use our patches, a large concern with other over the counter pain medications for period cramps.

There is no risk of overdose with our patches.

There is no risk of withdrawal symptoms when you stop using our patches.

Our patches are discreet, no one will know you struggle with motion sickness or are experiencing menstrual period cramps as the patch is worn over the navel and hidden from view (unless you’re wearing a bikini!).

How long does it typically take for a GoPatch patch to relieve symptoms, once applied?


It varies from individual to individual and for which of our patches we are discussing:

Most women have reported immediate relief of period cramps when applying GoPatch Menstrual Cramps.  Other women eperience menstrual cramps relief within 15 minutes.  We recommend applying the patch ahead of time if you know your period cramps and PMS symptoms are on the way.

When ALREADY experiencing the signs of car sickness and sea sickness, individuals report relief within 15-30 minutes of using GoPatch Motion Sickness, remember this is AFTER the motion sickness has already started.  We recommend applying our patch BEFORE engaging in activities (flying, boating, cruising, amusement park rides, car rides) that may contribute to sea sickness and car sickness symptoms.  However if you did not know you had sensitivity to motion, for example, apply as soon as you experience the first signs and natural, safe and fast-acting relief is on its way.

How long should I wear GoPatch patches?


Our patches can be worn for 12 hours.  Skin sensitivity varies between individuals, please adjust accordingly if you have extremely sensitive skin.

Do GoPatch patches have any side effects?


No side-effects that are known. Like other low potency (dosage) homeopathic remedies, GoPatch patches have no known contraindications or side effects, unlike other nausea medication and remedies for menstrual cramps.  As with any bandage that is applied to the skin, there is always a possibility of redness after removal as a very thin layer of skin or hair may be removed.  We highly recommend removing your patch in the shower to minimize this possibility.  Remove the patch by pulling/rolling it back on itself, not by lifting straight up and pulling off.

Can I use GoPatch patches while taking other medications?


Yes, other medications can be safely taken with our patches due to the low potency (dosage).

Can I use GoPatch patches while pregnant or breastfeeding?


If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, ask your health care professional before taking any medication, including GoPatch homeopathic patches. If your health care professional needs more information on our patches, they can contact us at WeCare@TheGoPatch.com

Are GoPatch patches herbal products?


While we love herbal products, GoPatch patches are NOT an herbal product.  Our patches contain homeopathic remedies/medicines which are applied over an acupuncture point.  Homeopathic medicine uses very diluted amounts of mineral, flower, animal and plant substances. The FDA considers homeopathic medicines as drugs. Herbal products are considered food products; therefore it is not necessary for herbal products to be manufactured with the same compliance procedures as homeopathic products.
The FDA requires homeopathic products to be manufactured in accordance with the FDA finished pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) because it views them as drugs.  Our facilities are inspected by the FDA for cleanliness, quality and testing.

Can children use GoPatch patches?


Yes, due to the low potency (dosage) of natural ingredients  our patches are completely safe for use by young children.  Please consult with a health care practitioner for children under 2 years old.

Can I take food while wearing GoPatch patches? Are there any foods I should avoid?


While it is not advised to take oral homeopathic medicines with food (especially strong flavors), this is not true for our patches as they are not consumed orally. To date, we have not found that eating or drinking alters the efficacy of GoPatch patches in any way.

Can I touch GoPatch patches with my fingers or hands?


Unlike with oral homeopathic medicines, touching GoPatch patches will not reduce the effectiveness of the patch. However, touching could result in removing some of the adhesive or “stickiness” of the patch. When applying our patches, we recommend that you peel back one-half of the white backing of the patch, lie that over half of your navel, press down and then remove the rest of the white backing. Assure that the patch has made a COMPLETE seal and entirely COVERS your navel.  Once applied, try to avoid touching the patch or picking at its edges so that it remains in place.

What ingredients are in GoPatch patches?


GoPatch ingredients are a proprietary blend of HPUS* active ingredients.  Patents pending on our formulas, disclosure of active ingredients upon contact with a Customer Care representative.  Please contact us at: WeCare@TheGoPatch.com for details.
*The letters HPUS indicate that these ingredients are officially included in the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States.

Can I use GoPatch patches after the expiration date?


No, we do not recommend using the patches after the expiration date. You can find the expiration date on the back of our packaging.

Where can I go to learn more about Homeopathy?


The Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States
National Center for Homeopathy